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Board of Directors

ESG considerations need to be integrated into all elements of the ecosystem, including the need for the appointment of an ESG INED to the Board of Directors.

There are higher levels of regulatory and investor expectations that  boards as part of their fiduciary duty scrutinise and assess ESG risk correctly.

ESG factors are key risks, becoming both part of the investment process and corporates’ sustainable reporting obligations.  Boards of Directors need to appoint an INED with ESG expertise who will support oversight so the Boards can make appropriate ESG risk weighted decisions.

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Boards will be better steward partners of the funds and corporates for which they have have a fiduciary duty.

Boards will have an ESG skillset which will be apparent from Board effectiveness reviews and will have competency to oversee ESG risks and assess if the underlying processes are operating as originally intended

Boards will have their ‘runway’ projects to investigate the highest ESG risks and are knowledgeable as to any ESG concerns of the Central Bank of Ireland.

Boards will be able to leverage-off the ESG consultancy services provided by certain TopRiver Partners  in particular supporting the reduction of the compliance burden.

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  • Climate change and carbon emissions

  • Air and water pollution

  • Energy efficiency

  • Waste management


  • Data protection and privacy

  • Employee engagement

  • Human rights & diversity

  • Labour standards


  • Board composition

  • Audit committee structures

  • Political contributions

  • Lobbying

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