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TopRiver Partners can act as consultants on SFDR and Taxonomy including offering Third Party review on Article 8 and Article 9 funds. Our SFDR Governance and Reporting product, developed using GECKO Governance technology codifies reporting requirements and provides a full, transparent audit trail and documentary evidence, which will allow our clients to seamlessly manage SFDR requirements in one central location, and ultimately, will help prevent greenwashing.

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What we can do

  • Several of the TopRiver Partners can provide ESG consultancy services on the implications on everything from liquidity risk, ESG reporting, SFDR & Taxonomy alignment and CSRD etc.
  • TopRiver Partners are accountable financial services senior executives with a combined 75 years Financial Markets experience. TopRiver Partners are internationally experienced and are sensitive to the demands placed on multiple stakeholders..
  • However, on the basis that a TopRiver Partner as an INED is from outside the funds’ sector, critically we bring “diversity of thought” and appropriate ‘challenge’ to Boards.
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  • Risk – ESG factors have become part of the investment process and are a key risk element; investment funds’ Board of Directors need to appoint an INED with ESG expertise who will add substance to oversight
  • Experience – Each INED is professionally qualified, has an average of 25 years financial industry experience, including ESG and specialist knowledge
  • Understanding – TopRiver Partners are a highly connected team with deep understanding of multiple regulatory requirements (including ESG) and stakeholder motivations
  • Capability – TopRiver Partners offer alternate director services thereby providing increased resilience for legal entities
  • Cost effective – TopRiver Partners provides highly cost effective group solutions to their clients>
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TopRiver Partners

Trusted guides who can provide non-executive direction and consultancy on the ESG implications on everything from liquidity risk, ESG reporting, SFDR obligations and more.